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使用 Microsoft CityNext 數位解決方案,您可以獲得解決鄰里、緊急事件、司法和監獄管理的分析和見解,讓您的城市更安全。 尋找合作夥伴 >


Command & control

Command and Control solutions enable public safety organizations to connect disparate data systems, share real-time information, and leverage data analysis models to create an accurate common operating picture. By unlocking insights from the right data sources, communicating and sharing critical information between operations and field personnel, agencies are able to proactively respond to incidents and improve operational efficiency.

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在過去 19 年的執法生涯中,有許多時間我都待在審判廳。當我想到那些審判廳時,除了增加電腦和顯示器外,它們與 200 年前的外觀大抵相同。


Court and judicial management

Thriving urban environments need efficient legal systems that evolve to meet citizen needs and take advantage of technology trends.Microsoft CityNext solutions help city, municipal and regional governments improve efficiency and reduce costs with solutions that take advantage of cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies.

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Emergency management

As demands on first-responder services increase, organizations need to coordinate operations, streamline processes, maximize limited resources and address changing requirements. In fact, today’s cities not only need to do more with less, they need to do new with less. Microsoft CityNext and our partner solutions can help improve operational efficiency for first responders, who deal with a rising number of emergencies including fire, traffic incidents and aid calls.

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Intelligence and analysis

Law enforcement intelligence and analysis operations must change to handle new trends such as social media and cyber-attacks.Microsoft CityNext solutions for intelligence and analysis – which draw on cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies – provide a foundation for end-to-end intelligence lifecycle and investigation models that are being adopted worldwide by law enforcement organisations.

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Neighborhood management

Neighbourhood management solutions are designed to help build strong partnerships between citizens, police and city officials.Microsoft CityNext offers a people-first approach to neighbourhood management that draws on a broad technology portfolio, including cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies.

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Prison and offender management

Today's correctional facilities are highly complex institutions where the systems of government, justice, and law enforcement connect and where the needs of various stakeholders in the criminal justice system—including victims, families, police, court officials, caseworkers, and corrections personnel—are each represented. Tracking and managing offenders throughout the entire corrections system, from intake to release, and notifying affected parties of changing offender status, are responsibilities requiring coordination and management across multiple systems.

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Video management

Public-safety professionals need intelligent surveillance systems to more effectively identify, prevent, and respond to criminal threats, including terrorism. With a platform that includes cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies, Microsoft CityNext solutions for surveillance systems help local law enforcement agencies improve workflow, share information better and faster, and take advantage of technologies such as geospatial intelligence and mapping.

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