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Ciudades sustentables

Microsoft CityNext ayuda a mejorar la sustentabilidad de la ciudad con soluciones que abarcan energía, agua, construcción, transporte, eficiencia de los recursos y servicios de los ecosistemas. Buscar un socio >


Energy & Water: Energy management & analytics

Urbanization continues to put a strain on the systems that deliver energy in our cities. This is putting the long-term viability of those systems and assets at risk. In response, cities are looking for better insight into energy usage, asset maintenance, reliability, and performance – as well as new ways to reduce energy use, emissions, and costs.

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Energy & Water: Smart grids

The power and utilities industry share common operational requirements, including integrating components for power generation, transmission, and distribution; customer service and sales; and regulatory compliance. For utilities and governments, increasing conservation of existing energy sources and preventing outages are among the top priorities they face. Coordinating all these supply sources is complex and requires data in order to better understand where, when, and how much power is available to satisfy cities’ energy demands.

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Energy & Water: Waste management

Although city budgets are typically limited, population growth and demand for services are not. As populations expand and our climate changes, water and wastewater expenditures take up an increasingly large portion of municipal budgets. To control costs while meeting the needs of citizens, urban centers look for better insight into the management of this life-sustaining resource.

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Transport: Asset & fleet management

Public transportation is a critical service provided by cities, and buses are the most common form of conveyance. Managing bus operations is a daunting task, whether its small fleets with hundreds of buses or thousands of vehicles. Microsoft CityNext helps local governments transform operations and infrastructure to drive efficiencies up and operational costs down.

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Transport: Operations management

Managing transportation operations is increasingly complex for cities today. Cities are responsible for managing multiple systems and assets, including emergency, vehicle registration, fleet and transit, traffic, maintenance and construction, toll administration, and emissions. To operate more efficiently, cities need better insight into the data generated from these disparate systems.

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Transport: Parking management

Finding a parking space is a problem shared by city dwellers worldwide. Cities, limited by infrastructure and budget constraints, struggle to cope with population growth and the increasing number of vehicles on the streets. Meanwhile, drivers looking for parking waste time and fuel and increase pollution. By taking advantage of a broad platform of cloud, Big Data, mobile and social technologies, Microsoft CityNext solutions help cities get more value from their existing infrastructure.

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Transport: Toll & fare management

The growth of urban centers has become a major challenge, one that will only continue to increase with nearly 70 percent of the world's population projected to live in cities by 2050. Cities realize that affordable, accessible transportation is necessary for sustainable growth. Microsoft CityNext solutions can help them modernize to offer the higher-quality, greener transportation options that citizens demand.

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Transport: Traffic management

Traffic gridlock is a major problem for cities worldwide, reducing quality of life while increasing the costs of goods and services. Each day, millions of citizens waste valuable time in lengthy commutes, while economies suffer from lost productivity and wasted energy. Microsoft CityNext solutions help citizens, businesses, and governments take advantage of existing assets—including data and devices—to transform transportation infrastructure and improve the quality of life for everyone.

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Transport: Transportation safety

Ensuring the safety of citizens is always a primary concern, cities are always seeking new ways to improve transportation safety.

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