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Drive innovation and differentiation across processes, culture, and technology. No matter where you are on your digital transformation roadmap, in addition to our industry vertical solutions, leverage Microsoft Enterprise Services horizontal solutions to empower your digital business.


Customize your modernization plan to enable your desired business outcomes – drive agility with open and connected systems, support new product development with highly-automated digital processes, and optimize distribution channel strategies – while meeting the security, privacy, and transparency expectations of customers, regulators, and shareholders.

Digital Platform Modernization

Creating engaging experiences for mobile, online, or in-person requires a secure, digital, and modern platform to meet the growing demands of an ever-changing and always connected customer base. Through modernization solutions, Microsoft Enterprise Services has helped thousands of the world's largest enterprise customers transform their businesses. Enable business strategy by modernizing the foundation of your business - technology. Transforming your IT investments will expand your company's ability to enable new ventures and lines of business. If today you're burdened by aging systems, complicated architecture, and legacy costs, partner with Microsoft Enterprise Services to understand your organizational capabilities - people, processes, and technology.

IT is rarely seen as the engine of business growth. Yet, in the digital era, IT can play a prominent role in driving strategy and innovation by guiding investment decisions. Microsoft Enterprise Services can help you determine the big bets and say “yes” more often. Let’s develop a clear roadmap together, drawing on our first-hand transformation experience.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Digital Age is altering the rules as startups reinvent industries overnight and consumer preferences change in the blink of an eye. Amid this uncertainty, decision-makers are forced to make investment choices now to avoid stagnation. IT departments are well placed to guide these decisions by providing visibility into the experiences consumers want—through effectively managed data, advanced analytics, or artificial intelligence. IT can also play a pivotal role in making the company more agile—the antidote for uncertainty. Modern CIO’s would be well served to adopt a startup mentality with IT plotting the course forward, accepting risk like venture capitalists, and enabling paths to monumental innovations.

Digital Workplace

Empower a high-quality and committed digital workforce to work and collaborate as a team anywhere on any device with modern productivity tools that provide seamless access to your data—helping you innovate faster, meet compliance requirements, and deliver exceptional client experiences.

Organizations can’t transform to digital unless people do. Digitization and automation are outpacing the organization’s skill level and the workforce’s ability to become proficient with the new technologies. To ensure this trend doesn’t disrupt an organization’s health, IT leaders are introducing digital literacy strategies and increasing employee engagement in new technology rollouts.

Embrace digital-first to fast track transformation: Moving at the speed of digital business means developing new skills, new processes, and whole new ways of working. Take the lead in this digital shift by transforming IT from within with targeted investments. Agile and “secure by design” methodologies also come to the fore with DevOps models and practices, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the cloud for scalability, software as a service (SaaS) for efficiency, architectures built for agility, and platforms for collaboration. The goal is to reengineer the business of IT, enabling delivery at the speed the business requires.

Harness information for break-through customer engagement and new business models: Artificial intelligence (AI) can help organizations manage the explosion in data coming from smart machines, sensors, devices, and other sources. AI—in the form of automated features within popular applications—is already helping organizations combat info-glut. These small steps are leading inevitably to a future where we rely on AI for daily assistance with mundane tasks. In the near future, AI will be used to identify and capitalize on new opportunities by innovating new products. Leading organizations will monetize their information assets and look for new business opportunities, fueling an information-driven economy.

Where to start? Create your vision for cultural change. Does your workplace culture empower everyone in your organization to transform and grow the business? A digital workplace can change how your people work and influence your business. Microsoft Enterprise Services solutions can help you drive leadership, sponsorship, coaching, motivation, training, business insights, and reinforcement practices.

Modern Apps and Infrastructure

Create new efficiencies and compete globally by realigning your business around cloud-based applications and digital experiences - apps and digital channels - to intentionally manage customer, employee, and partner interactions.

Omni-channel, personalized experiences
Disrupt your market through by connecting your future internal and customer-facing apps as an omni-channel experience that cover all possible customer touch points (think web, mobile and kiosk for Retail). Now provide your customers with value through intelligent personalization by using Chatbots and Cognitive Services.

Internet of Things
Starts with "things" which are not just devices, they include industrial PCs, gateways, anything that collects data. Now you need to evaluate that data for insights - real time and historical. Now with IoT Architecture, you can associate the intelligence with actions that improve user experience or provide your business with visibility into potential actions, like fraud, that you may want to immediately stop until personnel can validate.

Connected outcomes
Improve field services to optimize resource scheduling, and improve predictive, preventative, and break-fix capabilities for IoT scenarios. Deliver connected financials that drive immediate insights, effective compliance, reporting management, and efficient collections. Whether you want to optimize in the field or within your corporate office, modernizing your infrastructure and apps will add value to your business.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

Unite business and technology with intelligence. Building digital maturity may seem overwhelming and complex—but it’s a journey you can begin, or continue, today by unlocking intelligence from your data to solve a business problems.

Gain breakthrough insight into risk and operational models with advanced analytics solutions and act on real-time intelligence to optimize risk management and meet regulatory requirements. Better serve your customers while optimizing profitability. Enable the intelligence and information that personalizes user experiences on any device.

Information technology can, and should, help drive the change. Whether through managed data, advanced analytics, or artificial intelligence, your business is uniquely positioned to know your customer and match products to their requirements. Continuously delivering better experiences, in the time and manner that your customer wants, will not only drive profitability but also customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy.

So how do you get there? Aggregate your data. Are your business decision makers reactive or do you leverage predictive analytics to provide the insights needed to support real-time, intelligent responses? Data sets stored in disparate silos limit your ability to respond quickly. Instead, improve access to critical information required for a holistic view across the business by aggregating your intelligence from multiple and diverse sources.

Adopt smarter maintenance practices leading to better corporate financial performance. Predictive maintenance, coupled with predictive analytics, helps to resolve challenges related to wasteful, ineffective, and expensive maintenance efforts. What was once costly downtime, becomes cost-effective, maximized equipment uptime, which enhances quality and supply chain processes.

Drive value for your customers by maximizing engagement opportunities that motivate customers to act. Be relevant. Is what you're sharing appropriate, of interest, and actionable for each customer? From simple strategies like promoting fast movers, to more sophisticated product and customer groupings and inferred intent, personalization simply makes the offer more impactful and helps attract and retain customers.

Security and Cybersecurity

In an era when criminal elements have access to the same resources and computing power as legitimate entities, establishing a new security model has never been more pressing for global organizations. At Microsoft, we understand security is the cornerstone for your business. Our approach applies technology in unique ways—with a trusted cloud platform, tools, and services that empower business agility and enable your transformation as a digital business.

Security depends on your ability to verify with whom you're doing business and authentication of internal team members. It’s no wonder businesses purchase so many identity management technologies and services. Failure to properly authenticate identities can result in everything from a poor customer experience to billion-dollar losses caused by anonymous assailants.

The concept of identity management has always been an issue for organizations, ranging from know-your-customer regulations to the granting of access for simple transactions. In an increasingly complex and decentralized world, the first line of defense in the battle against cybercrime is the establishment of identity—a continual challenge.

Protecting your environment will slow attackers down and hopefully stop them from getting in. You’ll need to know if a breech is detected and once you know about it, you’ll need to respond appropriately by blocking further access to your other high value assets.

As users, data, and devices move outside corporate boundaries, secure identities becomes your new defense perimeter. At the heart of cybersecurity is Identity – who are you and what can you access. In a mobile, cloud-centric workplace, it’s the user’s identity that unlocks access - so that's where attackers focus.

Modernizing your critical assets from internal and external threats by activating and integrating your identity and cybersecurity capabilities. Leverage the consultants that work closely with Microsoft product engineering teams and who have deep security solution activation experience - contact your Microsoft Enterprise Services Account Representative for more information.

For more information, contact your Microsoft Enterprise Services Account Representative.

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