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Personalized. Seamless. Differentiated. Personalized. Seamless. Differentiated.

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Microsoft's vision for digital retail

Microsoft is transforming the future of retail by empowering people throughout the shopping experience—from the digital experiences that make shopping fun and rewarding, to the productivity and collaboration solutions that allow retail employees to provide outstanding customer service, to the intelligent systems that provide deep insights and empower advanced decision making and personalization. This concept video showcases how Microsoft is enabling the next generation of empowered retail.


Retail Customer


Uses consumer device technologies to discover product information online and experiences frictionless retail in store.

Possibilities for customers

Interact with conversational bots that can use social activity (Pinterest boards) & interest to build personalized recommendations and share product arrival information

Receive customized notifications and special offers when visiting the store enabled via the store app and beacon technology

Have a store assistant assigned to help with fitting room preparation based on your digital “Try List”. Know expected wait times & get instant updates

Scan products while browsing and add them to your Try List and get more information from additional options to supply chain information (e.g. sourcing, sustainability etc.) based on blockchain

When trying your selection request additional options (sizes, colors) right from the fitting room through a screen that has been customized with your personal Try List

Add your final selection to your cart right from the fitting room display or your phone app.Confirm and pay for your purchase from your app or the fitting room and have the shop assistant bag your items for you.

Receive a digital receipt for your purchase saving valuable time at the cash register and a frictionless check-out as the store assistant hands you your bagged items as you exit.

Store manager


Uses dashboard and power BI technologies to drive more personalized customer experiences and improve store performance.

Possibilities for store managers

Observe current activity, high footfall zones and customer landscape in the store through a real-time Power BI dashboard

Know who the high value relationships are in store, their lifetime value and recommendations

Get details on store performance & inventory

Receive custom alerts – e.g. a notification when a product needs to be reordered

Monitor cash register wait times and dispatch reinforcements

In-store Sales Associate


Uses modern assisted sales technologies to offer customers a superior sales and service experience.

Possibilities for store associate

Receive a notification when a high value customer is in store

Know exactly what to recommend to customers (no more frowning customers)

Prepare a fitting room based on customers “Try List” in one visit to the micro warehouse at the back of the store

Receive a notification from the fitting room when your assigned customer wants to try out a different size or color and know exactly what they are looking for

Know what your customer finally purchased & bag their items and hand over to them to enable a seamless retail experience for your most valuable customers.

Microsoft's vision for digital retail

In retail, Microsoft is enabling retailers to deliver personal, seamless and differentiated experiences by empowering people, enabling the best of online and offline, and capturing insights to drive growth. 

Our offerings are delivered on a common platform that can span both digital and physical environments, which means that retailers can benefit from seamless connectivity between solutions across all aspects of their business. With Microsoft cloud innovations, digital engagements are personal, contextual and relevant based on purchase history, demographic information, location, time of day, and other data sources. 

And our global partner ecosystem provides customers with even more choice when it comes to the technology they use to run their businesses—all built on one platform for ease of integration.

No matter how you start, you can count on Microsoft to provide the solutions and resources to help you reinvent the retail customer journey and drive digital transformation in all areas of your business. For more information, visit our Retail Industry Solutions webpages or reach out to your Microsoft Services or partner contact.

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