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Deliver with our Adoption and Change Management experts Deliver with our Adoption and Change Management experts

Communications and training are not enough

Launching powerful technology tools changes the way your people will work. Expedite personnel effectiveness through comprehensive adoption and change management plans that address leadership and sponsorship, coaching and motivation, communications and training, measurement and business insights, and resistance management and reinforcement practices.

Our adoption and change management approach

How is skiing like Adoption and Change Management?

Avoid technology adoption disasters

It’s all about the point of engagement with what you are trying to accomplish - how your people connect with your digital transformation influences your business.

Communications and training are not enough

Skiing requires focus, technique, and equipment. The most important piece of equipment? The ski boot, because it’s the point of engagement with what you are trying to accomplish. Adoption and Change Management is the same - how your people connect with your digital transformation influences your business. Use the wrong ski boot, disaster. Ineffective transition plans could manifest as a delayed ROI or even a failed initiative - avoidable by including Adoption and Change Management Services from the project’s onset.

Assess, Design, Implement & Measure

Our approach

To assist you in transitioning to the cloud or undergoing any technology shift, we work with key stakeholders to evolve your organization’s culture via the four phases.

Our approach to adoption and change management

Here are our four phases to evolving company culture:

Assess: Understand your organization’s ability to handle change and project complexity.

Design: Navigate upcoming changes by building an assessment-based strategy and roadmap.

Implement: Address resistance and improve employee engagement by driving clarity and impact.

Measure: Ensure ongoing optimization by adjusting plans based on usage reporting and best practices.

Digital is business

Embrace digital transformation

In the Digital Era, when you transform, you succeed.

Whether your goal is to increase customer engagement, optimize your operations, empower your employees, or transform your products, by prioritizing an adoption and change management strategy, the alignment of technology, people, and processes will expedite your ROI. Here's our digital transformation approach:

Engage your Customers:
In the Digital Era, you compete for the trust and limited attention of your customers. You gain insight into customers' habits and preferences, enabling actionable customer segmentation, more informed interactions, and new opportunities for targeted product offerings and cross-selling. You create apps that provide relevant, personalized, and seamless experiences, regardless of how and when your customer interacts with you.

Empower Your Employees:
You recruit and retain digital-savvy employees that use information to positively impact individual, team, and company performance. You sense, collect, organize, maintain, and process data so that employees can lead innovation, make informed decisions, and design business processes. You use technology to create seamless employee experiences for HR, procurement, and other internal interaction workflows. Most importantly, you change the way people work so that your digital transformation advantages can be realized.

Optimize Your Operations:
Once you are a digital business, you start to use data and software to optimize your supply chain, enable near-instantaneous direct-to-consumer fulfillment, adjust pricing in real time, optimize logistics, and lower overhead. You reduce errors by using sensors, drones, and other technologies that connect the physical and the digital.

Transform Your Products:
As a digital organization, you create new revenue streams that would have been unimaginable years ago. You stay ahead of your digital native competitors by using your assets—your physical presence and breadth of operations—as an advantage as you capture the value of the Digital Era.

Get started

Microsoft Adoption Scenario Workshop Surveys, Jan. – Nov. 2016.

Want to understand what’s possible for your business? Schedule an Adoption Scenario Workshop by contacting your Microsoft Enterprise Services Account Representative.  


We’ll walk you through the methodology, critical change plan elements, and steps for sustainability. 85% of attendees reported an increase in adoption; 50% reported shortened deployment timeframes.

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