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Predictive Maintenance solution

This solution helps you move beyond your preventive maintenance program to predict when your equipment needs to be serviced. It uses data to identify warning signs of potential issues in equipment and preemptively resolves these before problems occur.

Learn how you can realize the potential of predictive maintenance with IoT

Solution benefits for Predictive Maintenance

Optimize the supply chain

Faulty maintenance can affect how you manage inventories, distribute products and goods, and handle supplier relationships. Predictive maintenance helps you achieve a significant reduction in inventory.

Use industrial IoT capabilities

Connecting products, monitoring performance, and predicting the deterioration of tools enables you to advance from traditional maintenance practices—like unplanned and preventive maintenance—to more modern, cost-effective practices.

Get a single view of operations

Through consistent data ingestion from equipment across the globe, you can collect data in near-real time and unify your operations view.

Lower your business risk

Transitioning from preventive maintenance to new digital capabilities offers you an opportunity to leverage condition monitoring tools for your equipment—at the lowest operational cost.

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How it works

The Predictive Maintenance solution gives you better visibility into equipment status, letting you resolve issues before they disrupt your business.

Monitor your assets in near-real time by collecting data through Azure IoT Suite. This allows you to create automatic alerts and actions, such as remote diagnostics, maintenance requests, and other workflows.

Then perform historical analysis of your data and predict when you need to service equipment.

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