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Inventory Optimization solution

This solution drives a significant increase in sales and revenue for your consumer packaged goods (CPG) or retail organizations by carrying the right products on every shelf across your outlets and stores.

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Solution benefits for Inventory Optimization

Determine the best performing SKUs

This solution helps you identify which products are the best fit for each market or outlet. Compare segment portfolios, ensuring the distribution and market penetration of top-performing SKUs.

Streamline production with a lean market basket

By cutting cannibal products and replacing them with top performers, you can optimize your operations through a more focused set of offerings.

Analyze data across segments

Identifying the key value drivers for each customer and product segment involves comparing retail channels independently from one another. This enables more informed decision-making.

"Over time, this advanced analytics solution with its statistical approach to big data will transform the way we take business decisions through all business processes from manufacturing, warehousing and logistics up to sales and promotions."

Ruben Dario Torres Martinez

IT Manager, Arca Continental

Big data boosts business for beverage company

Big data & analytics brings together the robust data that Arca Continental already had with the powerful regression models enabled by Azure ML.

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How it works

Inventory Optimization solution infographic

The Inventory Optimization solution helps your retail company adapt to market trends and demands by taking an intelligent, granular look at inventory.

With Internet of Things (IoT) integration, racks, shelves, and coolers send data immediately to the cloud. This improves your inventory management system with up-to-the-minute accuracy on stocking, so you can make quick decisions while viewing sales performance at a macro level.

Drawing on your own enterprise resource planning (ERP) data and Microsoft Cloud Technology, the solution enables you to more accurately predict the optimal SKU assortment for each store, streamlining product selection.

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