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Intelligent Customer Journey for Retail

Intelligent Customer Journey for Retail

Give your customers a seamless, personalized shopping experience across every step of their shopping journey

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Intelligent customer journey for retail

Retailers are increasingly striving to offer personalized, seamless shopping experiences for today’s digital-savvy consumers. These experiences must span both digital and physical channels—engaging retail consumers every step of the way. The Intelligent Customer Journey for Retail Connected Scenario provides retailers with a compelling, differentiated scenario that enables them to delight customers throughout their shopping experience using Microsoft and partner solutions, all running on the Microsoft Cloud.

Scenario benefits

Understand how audiences engage

Gain a deep understanding of your audience’s interest and affinities

Create, manage and deliver content

Tailor experiences on any device, across all channels from a single platform

Provide exceptional service from start to finish

Empower employees with deep customer insights

How it works

How it works Customer Intelligence & Strategic Engagement Customer Intelligence & Strategic Engagement Personalized Execution Commerce Delivery

The intelligent customer journey scenario is a comprehensive set of solutions for retailers to address the growing demand for personalized, seamless and relevant shopping. It works by giving retailers a complete view of their audience with interest-based segmentation. Advanced analytics surface actionable insights from massive amounts of consumer data and competitive intelligence identifies target segments based on who follows which brands and people, leading to more effective campaigns.

It also provides a seamless cross-channel experience as customer data is centralized from various systems, devices, and platforms meaning campaign and site management become more consolidated and automated, with a simplified consumer interface.

Finally, it enables retailers to streamline content, commerce, and marketing on a unified intelligent platform helping to increase customer engagement levels with steady delivery of relevant content and recommendations across channels. Easy omnichannel purchasing creates a seamless consumer experience, with real-time product and order data.

Next Steps

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Digital advisors, engineers, consultants, and support professionals from Microsoft Services can help you plan and implement your own intelligent customer journey with Microsoft and partner products, services, software and devices.  For more information, contact your Microsoft Enterprise Services Account Representative.

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