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Modern Retail & Consumer Goods Workplace solution

Modern Retail & Consumer Goods Workplace solution

This solution empowers your retail store associates and management with the collaboration tools needed to better serve customers and shorten the distance between stores and headquarters. Let employees get the latest information and customer insights with easy access to file sharing and tools—from any device.

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Solution benefits for Modern Retail & Consumer Goods Workplace

Improve schedule and task management

With modern tools from Microsoft, you can power employee productivity by improving how your associates create, update, and manage schedules and tasks.

Increase communication flow

This solution helps you cultivate innovation everywhere by decreasing the distance between your stores and headquarters, while enabling associates to share local successes that can provide global insights.

Access training and onboarding resources

By connecting your resources, you can enable easy access to training videos and content for your staff—and ensuring the implementation of best practices across your organization.

Secure identity and access management

By managing employee access and digital identities, you can make sure your staff always have the latest, most accurate information at their fingertips while keeping your data secure.

“We want to make it easier for our team members to share ideas and network, as well as making it easier to get things done.”

Conrad Harvey

General Manager, Coles Australia

Coles logo

Coles built an employee portal using Microsoft Office 365 to enhance productivity and engagement and empower team members to connect and collaborate.

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“There is no part of our business that won’t be improved by increased mobility and better collaboration, so we can get our work done faster and serve our customers better.”

Carl Dawson

IT director, Marks & Spencer

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Global retailer's employees use Office 365 to foster a digital mindset and work smarter.

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How it works

Employee productivity and collaboration infographic

The Modern Retail & Consumer Goods Workplace solution creates a digital workplace for your retail associates and management.

The solution consists of modern collaboration tools that reduce paper or email processes and increase productivity and communication flows, while securing digital identities within your organization.

It allows your employees to share, automate, and find real-time information from any device. This ensures faster collaboration—and that your employees are at least as informed as the customers they serve.

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