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Predictive Maintenance solution

This solution uses data to identify warning signs of potential problems in your equipment. By leveraging a predictive maintenance program, you can preemptively service that equipment before problems occur.

Learn how you can realize the potential of predictive maintenance with IoT

Solutions benefits for Predictive Maintenance

Optimize the supply chain

Faulty maintenance can affect how you manage inventories, distribute products and goods, and handle supplier relationships. A predictive maintenance program helps you achieve a significant reduction in inventory.

Use industrial IoT capabilities

Connecting products, monitoring performance, and predicting the deterioration of tools enables you to advance from traditional maintenance practices—like unplanned and preventive maintenance—to more modern, cost-effective practices.

Get a single virtual view of operations

Through consistent data ingestion from equipment across the globe, you can collect data in near-real time and unify your operations view.

Lower your business risk

Transitioning to new digital capabilities offers you an opportunity to leverage condition monitoring tools for your equipment—at the lowest operational cost.

"…2–3% (efficiency improvements) translates into huge amounts of savings. The same would go for fuel, the same would go for crew utilization, and how you schedule your flights, and so on and so forth..."

Muhammad Ali M. Albakri

CIO and CFO, Saudia

Saudi Airlines

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Seth Brickman

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How it works

The Predictive Maintenance solution enables you to predict when an intervention is necessary to preempt a business disruption. This predictive maintenance program offers rich dashboards and visualizations that provide new intelligence to drive efficiencies and optimize business outcomes.

With Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) Suite, your organization can achieve a single virtual view of operations, and analyze data in near-real time. By ingesting and streaming data, and then storing it to apply analytics techniques, this smart system solution performs historical analysis to find correlations across multiple data streams.

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