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Personalization solution

Enhance your customer experience management with personalization and recommender systems—and build customer loyalty. Demonstrate a deep understanding of individual customers, improving how effective your offers are in generating increased profitability through greater conversion, larger purchases, and more traffic.

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Solution benefits for Personalization

Enable microsegmentation

Using data from multiple sources and machine learning, microsegmentation drives more accurate recommendations and predictions for your next best offers and actions for customers.

Differentiate the shopping experience

Combined personalized promotions and experiences for customers helps you effectively predict and prescribe what will sell when, where, and to whom.

Measure promotion and in-store activity

By using a retailer’s existing Internet of Things infrastructure, this solution collects not only mobile data but in-store transaction data and more.

"With a good partner like Microsoft, we never need to think about the technology. We can tell our story and focus on our customer."

Reuben Arnold

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience, Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic brand logo

Virgin Atlantic brings its customer experience to life using Windows 10.

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"We believe this level of customization will help differentiate The Cromwell by providing a unique ‘wow’ personal experience our guests have come to expect, building loyalty with guests each time they visit Las Vegas."

Scot Campbell

Vice President and Chief Architectural Officer, Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment Corporation logo

Caesars Entertainment Corporation created a new, connected room experience that is built on the Universal Windows 10 platform and the Microsoft Cloud.

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How it works

Personalization infographic

The Personalization solution intelligently customizes guest experiences and streamlines operations through advanced customer experience management capabilities. Near-real-time data and tools allow your associates to connect with guests at the right time with the right offers. The solution integrates predictive analytics with customer profiles, needs, and significant events—so you can know what guests want before they tell you.

By using outcomes of every customer decision, you can ensure transaction continuity. This allows you to boost customer engagement with offers that speak specifically to each guest.

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