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Integrated Electronic Flight Bag solution

Integrated Electronic Flight Bag solution

This solution leverages an electronic flight bag (EFB) to help your flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper, resulting in reduced fuel costs, increased safety, and reduced workload.

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Solution benefits for Integrated Electronic Flight Bag

Reduce costs with near-real-time access to tools

With the EFB solution, you can cut costs while enabling better, near real-time access to essential tools. Ensure that your crews have the most up-to-date, flight-related resources including key charts, reference documents and checklists.

Enhance protection for your corporate assets

Secure your devices, apps, users, and data with capabilities like Azure AD Identity Protection, Cloud App Protection, Advanced Threat Analytics and more.

Improve carrier flexibility with multiple device options

An ecosystem of applications is built for EFB across multiple device options. With the flexibility of in-cockpit mounts, you can make sure your pilots have the integrated EFB that suits their needs best.

Provide your employees with complete productivity tools

Productivity tools allow your teams to stay seamlessly in sync with documents, content, and each other. Streamline training through quick and personalized access to content, and enable pilot collaboration to enhance the training experience.

"Windows 10 is a game changer for us. We can stay connected with the remote workforce in a way we never were capable of doing before."

Greg Wooley

VP Flight Operations, ExpressJet Airlines

Expressjet logo

ExpressJet deployed Windows 10 on Microsoft Surface 3 devices, loaded with the weather, mapping, and flight information the pilots need.

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“During their briefings, pilots make extensive use of the service as an electronic flight bag. In the past, we used to carry all necessary information around in heavy, bulky pilot cases. "

Eike Bloemsma

First Officer A320 EFB Administrator, Lufthansa

lufthansa logo

In the future not only mapping apps, a library and an electronic flight folder will replace paper processes. Furthermore the Windows operating system enables seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

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How it works

Integrated electronic flight bag infographic

The Integrated Electronic Flight Bag (IEFB) solution enables flight crews to stay in touch, read flight maps, and get real-time weather information through data, systems, and content integration.

The IEFB solution synchronizes the crew member’s on-premises identity and password to create a single user identity across cloud and on-premises systems. It secures devices, apps, users, and data through capabilities such as conditional access, user behavior analysis, and encryption. Plus, the flexibility of in-cockpit mounts facilitates device choice to ensure that the chosen IEFB can be universal for the crew’s needs.

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