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Employee Productivity and Collaboration solution

Employee Productivity and Collaboration solution

This solution offers a set of collaboration tools to drive employee engagement in your organization. Improve communication flows, reduce costs, and allow hospitality and travel associates and management to better serve your guests.

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Solution benefits for Employee Productivity and Collaboration

Improve schedule and task management

With modern tools from Microsoft, you can improve how your associates create, update, and manage schedules and tasks.

Increase communication flow

This solution helps you cultivate innovation everywhere by creating better connections within your organization, while enabling associates to share local successes that can provide global insights.

Access training and onboarding resources

By allowing easy access to training videos and content for your staff, you can ensure the implementation of best practices across your organization—while boosting employee engagement.

Secure identity and access management

By managing employee access and digital identities, you can make sure your store staff always have the latest, most accurate information at their fingertips while keeping your data secure.

"Our global challenge is to ensure that our large, complex organization remains nimble so that we can stay competitive across all our brands... At Accor, we’re already seeing the pace of business accelerating..."

Marc Champsour

VP Internet, Intranet, Franchise & Mobility, Accor

Accor logo

Accor subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 E1 for 7,000 corporate users and to Office 365 K1 for its tens of thousands of deskless workers.

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"We’re transforming ourselves - starting with our internal operations and communications - with the goal of delivering travel experiences that reflect just how much we care about our customers and employees."

Veresh Sita

Chief Information Officer, Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines logo

Alaska Airlines used Office 365 to change the way they connect, collaborate and find information.

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How it works

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The Employee Productivity and Collaboration solution enhances employee engagement by creating a digital workplace for your hospitality and travel associates and management.

The solution consists of modern collaboration tools that reduce paper or email processes and increase employee productivity and communication flows, while securing digital identities within your organization.

It allows your employees to share, automate, and find real-time information from any device. This ensures faster collaboration—and that your employees are at least as informed as the guests they serve.

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