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Patient Engagement solutions

Patient Engagement solutions

Using Microsoft platforms and technologies, the Patient Engagement solutions offer new ways for caregivers to connect with patients before, during, and after visits.

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Solution benefits for Patient Engagement


Engage patients

These solutions make it easier to maintain contact with patients through apps, devices, and a trusted cloud environment.


Optimize clinical and operational effectiveness

By harnessing data through advanced analytics tools, address patients’ health issues before illness occurs, and reduce their interactions with providers.

Transform the care continuum

Through an integrated health platform, transform acute, community, and ambulatory settings for patients, improving care and lowering costs through long term patient engagement.

“From an efficient development environment to interoperability, data security, cloud options, mobility, and ease of use, the Oneview solution running in a Windows environment meets customer requirements and gives us an eminently marketable solution.”

Phillip Urrea

Chief Technology Officer at Oneview Healthcare

Oneview Healthcare- Revolutionizing Patient Experience

Faced with the challenge of improving quality of care while struggling with rising costs and shrinking budgets, healthcare facilities are eager for new solutions.

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“It was a reactive model. Now it’s become proactive. I can see every piece of data within two minutes as it goes from the tablet to the cloud..."

Lori Erickson

Nurse practitioner and the clinical coordinator for the CHAMP program

Children's Mercy Kansas City logo

The Children’s Mercy app brings doctors home, virtually, to babies born with heart disease using the Microsoft Surface 3 and Windows 10 operating system.

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How it works

Patient engagement infographic

The Patient Engagement solutions ensure that your providers can share critical information in near-real time while reducing the wait for patients to be connected to the next clinician.

Patient engagement in healthcare is no longer about care delivered at discrete points in time. These solutions create a continuous feedback loop for your providers and their patients—inside and outside of care facilities.

Through devices like bedside tablets, patients can explore content tailored to their condition. Clinicians can use the same devices to access electronic health records and other hospital tools.

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