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Operational Analytics solutions

Operational Analytics solutions

The Operational Analytics solutions help you leverage available operational data to improve the delivery of care provided by your organization.

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Solution benefits for Operational Analytics


Engage patients and customers

Improve operational outcomes through analytical software to increase patient satisfaction.

• Empower care teams and employees

Improve the operational effectiveness of care teams by enabling them to make more informed decisions through analytical software.


Optimize operational and clinical effectiveness

Streamline operations to support care delivery processes. Additionally, improve capabilities for preventing fraudulent activity and dealing with improper payments.

Transform health

Advanced operational analysis enables care teams to convert data into actionable insights.

“The beauty about technology is that it automates processes and it reduces operating expenses.”

Dr. Michael Tan

Fullerton Health Group CEO

How it works

Operational analytics infographic

The Operational Analytics solutions help you use data to improve the effectiveness within your organization to deliver care. With self-service analytical tools, your knowledge workers can visualize data instantly, graphing trends that lead to a better understanding of past operations.

Diagnostic analytics tools allow you to identify meaningful data correlations, including data from multiple sources. Through machine learning, you can leverage predictive analytics to see where partial patterns in your data are headed.

Lastly, prescriptive analytics helps you determine operational strategies with recommended corrective actions.

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