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Cybersecurity in Health solutions

Cybersecurity in Health solutions

The Cybersecurity in Health solutions are trusted cloud solutions that help ensure that your healthcare organization’s data is managed, protected, and kept private in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) or other cybersecurity changes.

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Solution benefits for Cybersecurity

Leverage trusted technology

By using trusted technology tools—like HIPAA compliant video conferencing (or other cybersecurity changes)—help providers and patients make effective decisions about health issues.


Optimize clinical and operational effectiveness

Strengthening healthcare cybersecurity across operations harnesses trusted data from all sources and creates actionable insights.

Transform the care continuum

Through secure collaboration and business process tools, teams can get a comprehensive view of patients—enhancing understanding of their health issues.

Empower care teams

Help streamline care delivery by using secure, automated workflows and business processes.

“Microsoft Azure is the building block upon which we have added the key ingredients to meet HIPAA (or other cybersecurity changes) regulatory requirements: HIPAA security, legal agreements, management, identity governance, to name a few..."

Eduardo Don Jr.

President, Lumen21, Inc

Lumen21 logo

Lumen21 worked with the Microsoft Azure team to develop a solution that consolidated their management, security, and compliant services on the Azure cloud platform.

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How it works

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Cybersecurity in Health solutions help you protect your network through advanced firewalls, packet inspection, antimalware programs, spam filters, and network isolation. The solutions offer controls for securing identity and access to corporate resources and data, while strengthening authentication.

Mobile device and app management ensures that devices connecting to your network follow HIPAA cybersecurity configurations. Threat modeling helps your custom apps adhere to secure development practices.

Lastly, the healthcare cybersecurity solutions give you encryption, rights management, and inspection capabilities for protecting your data within your network and in-transit.

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