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Care Coordination solutions

Care Coordination solutions

The Care Coordination solutions enable you to communicate with patients, manage and connect health care providers, and monitor patient progress more effectively. Coordinated care solutions improve the quality of patient care services and reduce costs through workflow automation and optimization.

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Solution benefits for Care Coordination

Engage Patients and Customers

Allow health care teams and care coordinators to build better patient relationships through multi-channel communications, call centers, and self-service portals.

Empower Health Care Teams and Employees

Provide case managers and care teams with automated workflows, measurement frameworks, and business processes that streamline health care services.

Optimize Operational and Clinical Effectiveness

Use analytics to harness operational and patient data and optimize operations, inform patient care coordination and delivery decisions, and improve population health and disease management.

Transform Health

Enhance coordination of patient care services through collaboration and business process tools, enabling health care teams to more thoroughly understand patient needs.

“What’s great about the Tribridge Care Coordination solution is that its unlimited. Now it’s not just about data collection, but also about leveraging data.”

Jaclyn Wainwright

AiR Chief Executive Officer

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AiR is now planning, coordinating, and personalizing care for its clients using Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination, built on Microsoft Cloud technology.

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How Care Coordination works

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By leveraging an integrated platform, the Care Coordination solutions enable you and your organization to nurture ongoing patient relationships to keep patients on a path toward better health.

The solutions help your organization customize a health care management plan for each patient. They provide patient data analytics, goal tracking, and outcome reporting that patients and clinicians can see, as well as tracking utilization tools to improve the management of health care teams.

Care Coordination solutions bring together providers, patients, and patient data systems. You can use them to coordinate patient care through the use of mutually defined care plans that guide health care teams and ultimately benefit patients.

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