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Traffic and Transit Optimization

Traffic and Transit Optimization solutions help improve your public transit and traffic systems. Efficient urban mobility is a multi-factor challenge, and these solutions give transportation providers and related groups the tools to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

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Solution benefits for Traffic and Transit Optimization

Improve traveler experience

Enhance urban mobility through new services, trip options, and more efficient routes across all modalities, including bus, train, car, and bike.

Rapid response time

Enable your personnel to respond quickly to incidents through an integrated view of your transit and traffic systems.

Optimize transit and traffic systems

Decrease congestion through smart traffic lights, transport logistics, and real-time system status alerts.

Boost public transit ridership

Promote sustainability and reduce fuel consumption through increased use of public transit. Leverage social listening to spark further innovations in your system.

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Onno Donkervoot

Head of IT, RET


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How it works

How it works

Traffic and Transit Optimization solutions use traffic system tracking to supply citizens with real-time travel updates via digital signs and on their mobile devices.

Usage trend analytics and transport logistics help you boost public transit ridership and urban mobility while reducing spending on under-utilized routes.

Through smart traffic lights, you can decrease bottlenecks throughout your city. And through an integrated traffic incident system of sensors, license plate readers, cameras, and social network data, you’re able to resolve transit and traffic incidents faster.

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