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Tax Revenue Management

Tax Revenue Management solutions improve operational efficiency and revenue collection by providing agencies with enhanced tax management tools, while enabling agencies to make tax payment and compliance easier for citizens.

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Solution benefits for Tax Revenue Management

Increased taxpayer satisfaction

Make your agency more citizen-centric with improved interactions—from taxpayer identity processes to contact center and e-services by mobile apps.

Enhanced collaboration

Provide more efficient, scalable, and secure devices so your employees are able to connect to information, colleagues, and citizens easier.

Advanced decision-making capabilities

Leverage revenue management software for everything from dashboards and reporting to monitoring, modeling, and scripting tools for a continuous improvement cycle.

More transparency

Achieve greater transparency across tax management data and strategy to increase taxpayer trust and reduce tax evasion, while increasing your ability to stimulate innovation.

“We have an agency that needed to spin up hundreds of servers for a few days and then tear them down. Azure was a perfect solution for that. It saves us money, and we can automate almost the whole process.”

Steven Kremer

Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Indiana Office of Technology

The state of Indiana wanted to provide secure, online access to services such as business licensing, tax payment, and unemployment benefits for more than 6 million citizens. Using the new Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C identity system for its INBiz portal, the state is providing a one-stop resource for an expanding array of business services.

How it works

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Tax Revenue Management solutions improve efficiency for your agency’s operations and revenue collection.

Our tax management software provides flexible tools like reporting, dashboards, and advanced predictive models. Through these tools, you’re able to obtain a 360-degree view of taxpayers.

This comprehensive view improves the services you provide to taxpayers, including access to real-time liabilities information, customized self-service, and tax consultation.

Next steps

Want the next best steps for Tax Revenue Management? Find opportunities below to meet with Microsoft architects and technology strategists for custom workshops or partners to work with.

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