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Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance solutions provide agencies with compliance software and other tools to increase the value of the information you gather. These solutions enable improved stakeholder experiences, operations, transparency, and impact.

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Solution benefits for Tax Compliance

Increased citizen satisfaction

Produce the ability to issue warnings and alerts.

Faster response time

Respond faster to fraud inquiries and events by enabling detection tools like predictive and cognitive modeling.

Optimized processes

Deliver efficient, scalable, and security-enhanced fraud services by leveraging advanced compliance solutions.

Better visibility

Take advantage of management dashboards, reporting, and real-time data sharing with other agencies and countries through connected digital platforms.

“All those records are in the cloud of Microsoft from where we can get them and make audits much more intelligent and more specific.”

Juan Manuel Galarza Mercado

Director General of Communication and Information Technology, SAT

SAT uses the Microsoft Data Analytics platform to improve tax collection via the implementation of a predictability model based on taxpayer information, including millions of electronic invoices.

How it works

How it works

Tax Compliance solutions enable your agency to automate tax filings with pre-populated data from historic and third-party sources, increasing voluntary compliance. Using tax compliance software and e-services (portals, forms, and workflows), you can draw insights from internal and public data. 

Our compliance solutions enable you to identify defaulters, reducing risk, error, and fraud with predictive and cognitive modeling tools. And our compliance software also provides case management tools once fraud or error is flagged.

Next steps

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