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Digital Patrol solution

This solution allows law enforcement agencies to easily access and share information to improve the efficiency of first responders and increase public safety. Use technology to enable faster response to incidents, more effective policing, and enhanced crime analysis.

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Solution benefits for Digital Patrol

React faster with access to real-time information

Access information from RMS, criminal databases, and video to share across first responders and commanders.

Improve productivity

Enable your officers to collect digital evidence from the field using devices like body worn cameras and license plate readers. This reduces errors and improves efficiency by alleviating the need for transcription.

Share information and improve security

Provide secure access to documents, files, and reports from the field. Ensure compliance and protect privacy by storing and sharing information digitally.

"The Surface now gives us the ability to type up the statement, we can edit it, we can capture a digital means better quality of the evidence because the witness has the opportunity to make sure it's absolutely right."

Peter Cole

Business Ambassador, Cheshire Police

Cheshire police and Surface are the ideal crime fighting duo

Having trialed different technology, the force selected the Surface as the best tool for their officers.

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How it works

Digital Patrol infographic

Digital Patrol solutions enable law enforcement agencies to improve officer productivity, reduce response times, and adjust resources based on crime pattern analysis crime analysis.

These solutions digitize historically paper-based processes and connect officers with the right information from the right system immediately. Integration of computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, records management systems (RMS), and other systems helps to create a clear operational picture prior to first-responders arrival on scene.

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