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Courts Management solution

The Courts Management solution helps reduce costs and improves efficiencies by cutting down on paper-based processes across the court system. Embrace digital technologies for improved records management and enable cost-saving virtual court rooms.

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Solution benefits for Courts Management

Digitize paper-based processes

Digitizing processes reduces data isolation while eliminating costly physical storage and transport requirements for case files; this enables easy access and review files across the court system.

Connect your courtrooms

Enabling virtual courtrooms and remote testimony saves on travel costs for personnel. Increase safety by allowing hearings to be conducted from jail and prison facilities.

Automate judicial processes

Allowing citizens to access self-service kiosks—for case information and scheduling—frees courthouse staff to focus on other critical tasks.

"Automating processes has enabled us to be more efficient by reducing the steps citizens have to follow, and office workers needed to support."

Rosely Castilho

Chief Information Officer, State Court of Justice of Sao Paulo

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The State Court of Justice of Sao Paulo needed help designing a long-term plan that would modernize the court of Brazil and better serve it's citizens.

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“In the past, we would direct hundreds of physical documents to other, we email them immediately from the courtroom during a hearing."

Bonnie Woodrow

Court Services Director for the Renton Municipal Court

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The municipal court of Renton, Washington implemented a near-paperless office that replaced cumbersome paper forms, files, and other court documents and work processes.

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How it works

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The Court Management solution modernizes justice systems, moving courts away from legacy IT and paper-based procedures for criminal, civil, and traffic cases.

Virtual court rooms enable remote testimonies, reducing travel costs and increasing safety with hearings conducted from jail and prison facilities.

Digital records management systems allow court personnel to access legal documents and collaborate in real time. Data analytics help judges identify successful programs and make appropriate sentencing choices based on defendants with similar profiles.  And interactive citizen service portals enable court systems to be more transparent about judicial proceedings and fee payment schedules.

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