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Call Center and Dispatch solution

Improve emergency management and gain better situational awareness with increased call center capabilities. Process data from a broad range of sources and share it in real time with your first responders.

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Solution benefits for Call Center and Dispatch

Integrate data systems

Get better insight with integrated data across computer-aided dispatch systems, records management systems, and criminal databases.

Connect video solutions

Improve your operational view by connecting video from CCTV systems, body worn cameras, in-vehicle cameras, and social media.

Leverage data analytics

Use advanced analytics and machine learning to provide real-time information to first responders.

Integrate systems across agencies

Allow public safety agencies to communicate and collaborate across jurisdictions during large-scale planned and unplanned events.

How it works

call center and dispatch infographic

The Call Center and Dispatch solution connects isolated emergency management systems and enables citizens to report suspicious activities through online and mobile experiences.

By integrating information across national, regional, and local agencies, incident commanders and first responders can make informed decisions in pressurized, rapidly changing environments to manage incidents and reduce crime.

This solution makes it easier to share information, automate manual processes, and gain efficiencies with a holistic view of operations and events in real time.

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