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Fare and Toll Management

Fare and Toll Management solutions enable better planning and reporting across your transport management system. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to improve the traveler experience with dynamic pricing for multiple travel modes.

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Solution benefits for Fare and Toll Management


Offer travelers greater convenience and faster transactions through integrated, open payment systems.

Improve predictive maintenance

Allow your employees to have greater visibility into customer experiences and system status, resulting in better decision-making and responses.

Less congestion

Increase revenue and decrease congestion with dynamic toll and fare pricing and an efficient electronic toll collection system.

Transform customer incentives

Tailor offerings and incentives based on detailed travel patterns and individual preferences.

“The contactless payment system is cheaper for us to run, it’s better for our customers—it’s good for everyone.”

Shashi Verma

Director of Customer Experience

transport for london

Microsoft and Cubic Transportation Systems helped Transport for London make the mass transit experience easier and more efficient by enabling riders to pay with their debit cards using a contactless system that is fast, customer-friendly and cost-effective.

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How it works

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Fare and Toll Management solutions cover all revenue-generating aspects—except parking—for transportation management systems.

By using an electronic toll collection system based on digital readers, you’re able to reduce congestion. Through travel time and fare payment tracking, you can offer dynamic pricing (based on time of day, season, vehicle type, and other factors) while developing new transit incentives and payment options.

And by remotely configuring all field-related equipment—such as card readers, sales kiosks, and control gates—you’re able to streamline operations.

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