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Connected Field Service solution

Empower government agencies at all levels to move from a costly break-fix model to a proactive and predictive service model. Leverage connected devices and machine learning capabilities to combine remote monitoring, digital services, and predictive maintenance—to transform your field service organizations.

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Solution benefits for Connected Field Service


Improve the citizen experience

Integrate remote monitoring to proactively engage with citizens and provide a comprehensive service approach to citizen care.

Reduce costs and deliver better service

Anticipate equipment failure and provide a first-time fix every time with predictive maintenance and other advanced services to automate action.

Create high-margin service value

Support the creation of end-to-end digital services to cultivate service-centric relationships and provide significant value to citizens.

"Dynamics 365 gives us a way to build applications faster with very few resources and ensure that our applications have enterprise-grade security, are easy to use, scalable, and have great performance."

Sandra Valdivia

IT Service Manager at King County

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King County, WA is using a rapid application development engine to modernize legacy applications and create new information systems.

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How it works

Government Connected Field Services Infographic

The Connected Field Services solution enables governments to capture and analyze data from connected devices.

Using the Azure IoT Suite, government workers receive real-time alerts from devices—including places that were previously difficult to monitor. This solution gives you a broad picture of operations to optimize resources.

By improving scheduling through field service and field management software, you can make the most of employee productivity and resolve issues faster.

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