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Citizen Services solution

This solution gives citizens on-demand, omni-channel access to public information while equipping government employees with more efficient tools, advanced analytics and insights to improve citizen services.

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Solution benefits for Citizen Services

Increase citizen participation

Enable citizens to engage government on their own terms, time, and devices for city services such as 311 and government assistance.

Build and develop trust in government

Empower your civil servants to address citizen needs effectively, efficiently, and transparently.

Facilitate smart use of public funding

Leverage the power, capacity, and security of the Microsoft cloud and devices. Integrate with existing IT investments while establishing a foundation for your evolving government service delivery.

"Everything is now in the cloud, devices have cellular connections, and they’re always on and always connected. As a result, we now save a great deal of time … and serve the public better."

Robert Irvin

Assistant General Manager, Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation

LA improves sanitation services with a cloud-based spatially enabled mobile solution

As part of an effort to improve service to Los Angeles residents, Los Angeles (LA) created the MyLA311 system so that citizens could easily initiate a service request ticket to report cleanup issues. LA used cloud-based technologies to include mobility, mapping, tracking, and dashboarding capabilities—collectively called SANSTAR—to streamline service request processing and monitor field crews’ progress.

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How it works

The Citizen Services solution gives citizens better ways to interact with governments and improve how services are delivered.

Mobile apps with built-in location services make it easy for citizens to report problems and for the appropriate department to receive them. This ensures that the right technician is timely dispatched right away and equipped with all the information necessary for addressing the issue.

Citizens can track the status of their incident, while governments leverage the power of the Microsoft cloud and analytics to conduct service analysis and receive automatic alerts.

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