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Remote Monitoring solution

Enable end-to-end, remote monitoring of your equipment or products—and keep continuous tabs on their real-time use, performance, and asset health.

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Solution benefits for Remote Monitoring

Improve visibility across your business

When you leverage data insights on the location and condition of remote assets across locations, you can create alerts and automated workflows to ensure a proactive response.

Make targeted improvements to business processes

Remote monitoring helps you manage energy usage and costs, identify operational trends to address faulty conditions, and anticipate maintenance needs.

Gain new business insights and explore innovative business models

Harnessing and analyzing data enables you to spot trends and identify new opportunities.

“Our goal is not data for the sake of data, but to embrace the cloud and analytical technologies to deliver more expert insights to the right stakeholders at the right time."

Nick Farrant

Senior Vice President, Rolls-Royce

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Rolls-Royce is using the Microsoft Azure platform to fundamentally transform how it uses data to better serve its customers.

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How it works

With the Remote Monitoring solution, you can monitor assets located nearly anywhere from afar. The solution helps you understand equipment conditions, enabling you to provide over-the-wire updates and fine-tune processes.

To optimize business processes in the long term, the solution applies analytics techniques, like machine learning, to your data. The smart system performs in-operation analysis to find correlations across multiple data streams—letting you improve costs, uptime, and product quality. Plus, you can leverage new predictive maintenance programs to perform historical analysis of your data and resolve issues before they disrupt your business.

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