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PROS Smart CPQ solution

Automate and simplify the configuration, pricing and quoting process for your sales team, empowering them to instantly create accurate, personalized solutions.

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Solution benefits for the PROS Smart CPQ solution

Automate the configure, price, quote process, empowering your sales teams to create accurate, tailored solutions for each customer, every time. Integrated with dynamic pricing science which provides prescriptive insights into the willingness to pay at the individual customer level, your sales teams are armed with the ability to always provide winning prices for that customer, for that product, in real time.

Provide a fast quote

CPQ solutions accelerate sales processes and deliver quotes with accuracy and speed. Empower your field sellers to tailor quotes to customers in real time.

Enable accurate configurations

Configure products quickly, easily, and accurately by leveraging a smart CPQ tools engine to deliver personalized offers with cross-sell recommendations

Deliver exceptional experiences

CPQ solutions engage customers with a customizable eCommerce mobile experience that provides them with accurate and dynamic pricing visibility.

How it works

PROS Smart CPQ solution infographic

CPQ solutions enable manufacturers to create and administer a streamlined configure, price, quote process using an intuitive command center. The solution blends data, science-driven offers, and pricing guidance, all within an existing CRM environment.

Advanced analytics and seamless integration with CPQ tools help uncover hidden opportunities for your teams to better negotiate deals and drive incremental sales and profits. Quickly and accurately configure products with one click, deliver personalized recommendations with algorithmic cross-sell, and win deals through dynamic pricing science.

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