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Mobile Worker solution

Empower your mobile workforce— whether across your manufacturing organization, sector, or region—with devices and productivity solutions designed for collaborations specific to your business and operational needs.

Learn how manufacturers are transforming

Solution benefits for your mobile workforce

Drive innovation with cross-industrial collaboration

The digital mobile workforce is transforming how manufacturers drive innovation throughout the organization. Modern productivity tools enable product engineers to crowd-source new ideas, and build more direct relationships.

Enable sales and field technicians to get work done anywhere

Our mobile solutions enable your field technicians to reach resolutions faster with quick access to valuable resources such as experts, community-driven knowledge bases, and visual service manuals.

Improve performance with increased visibility into operations

Combine data across siloes and deliver real-time, actionable insights for your mobile office that can be consumed by plant and supply chain managers, plant floor workers, and warehouse clerks, driving supply chain and production efficiency.

Protect sensitive intellectual property and ensure regulatory compliance

Leaked IP and noncompliance can be extremely damaging to a business. Our mobile worker solution helps you protect IP with remote device wipes and meet compliance requirements with built-in data retention and time-based.

There’s a huge sense of cooperation and accomplishment when cross-functional teams help each other succeed, and that’s enhanced with Office 365.

John Wrenn

Vice President of Information Technology for Enterprise Solutions at Flex

Flex Logo

Delivering supply chain innovation on a global scale with Office 365

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We have to be able to discuss business from a worldwide perspective when customers with a global point of view call on us. Our 18,652 employees use Office 365 tools to make that discussion happen.

Jens Hartmann

Chief Information Officer, Group Vice President Grundfos Holdings

Grundfos Logo

Building a connected workplace with Microsoft Office 365 to engage global customers.

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“Now, we’re able to better meet customer needs. We’ve seen improved quality and reliability during the launch of new products like our Power Triple Lock family of connectors and the new Releasable SMT Poke-In Wire Connector System.”

David Ark

Sr. Dir. of Infrastructure Solutions, TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity

Today’s post about Office 365 ProPlus was written by David Ark, Senior Director of Infrastructure Solutions for TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL), a $14 billion world leader that designs and manufactures the smart connectors, sensors, antennas, and electronic components that are essential in our increasingly connected world.

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How it works

The Mobile Worker solution helps manufacturers create workplaces that are agile, adaptable, and competitive. It starts with empowering an increasingly mobile workforce with devices and productivity tools, so they can communicate and collaborate more effectively.

This solution involves integrating operational processes, manufacturing systems addressing the need for faster resolution of issues, quality control, training, and onboarding—even the inefficiency of paper-based communications.

Roles within product engineering, plant management, operations, technical, and field services are using Office 365 along with devices to create this next generation of mobile workers.

Next steps

Try or buy apps, connect with Microsoft partners, and meet with Microsoft architects and technology strategists for customer workshops.

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At the Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) we can help you find the right solutions to transform your enterprise business in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

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