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Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency solution

Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency solution

Use the Internet of Things and modern analytics to reduce your energy consumption, detect and predict equipment faults, and optimize your facilities operation.

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Solution benefits for Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy use

By installing an energy-efficient facilities management program, you can lower energy consumption and save money.

Optimize your investment

Through equipment monitoring, you can leverage real-time fault detection and prioritize repair or replacement based on severity and monetary impact.

Predict and prevent equipment failures

With telemetry collected from equipment, you can analyze performance over time via machine learning to predict and prevent failures before they happen.

Use energy more efficiently

With a modern energy efficiency solution, you can find energy savings while significantly reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

"With the FDD system, it is really easy to look at one floor plan and know what the problems are. I’m not in the building, but I know what’s happening."

Ruthy Bennett

Regional Energy Manager, Towns of Arlington and Bedford

The Peirce School in Arlington, MA logo

The Peirce School in Arlington, MA, used the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform to host its fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) technology from ICONICS, building a system to monitor heating and cooling equipment.

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“Give me a little data and I’ll tell you a little, give me a lot of data and I’ll save the world.”

Darrell Smith

Director of Facilities and Energy, Microsoft

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Microsoft uses an “Internet of Things meets Big Data” approach, slashing the cost of operating the campus’ 125 buildings.

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How it works

The Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency solution helps you see in real time how your energy is being consumed.

Monitor your equipment status by collecting data through Azure IoT Suite, then transform this data into a standardized format for management and storage. Leverage Azure Machine Learning and Power BI for analysis and visualization, and anywhere access to reporting dashboards.

Use rules-based prioritization engines to identify patterns that precede equipment failures over time. This allows you to predict and prevent failures before they happen.

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