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Temenos Screen solution

Temenos Screen maximizes security, scalability, and compliance in Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) checks and other sanction screening. Perform comprehensive, highly efficient transaction screening in real time, using the fastest performance in the industry with all the benefits of Microsoft Cloud technology.

Learn how banks are reducing financial crime

Comprehensive sanction screening reduces financial crime

Prevent terror financing with accurate, automatic screening

Temenos Screen provides you with industry-leading protection that screens against multiple watch lists, including OFAC sanctions and other sanction lists. Enhance security with intelligent, adaptive lexical screening while leveraging a system that yields the lowest rate of false positive alerts in the industry.

Protect your business better and maximize efficiency

With Temenos Screen, you’ll have precise, real-time screening that is simple to use. Streamline your operations with intuitive alert management tools. Access insights with dashboards showing risk levels.

Reduce operating costs with flexible screening tools

With an agile, easy, out-of-the-box implementation, Temenos Screen provides seamless integration with multiple business systems and uses open technology with flexible configuration options.

“We now have a very stable infrastructure, and a high-performance screening solution. We had very knowledgeable Temenos staff to talk to for the implementation.”

Peter Haener

Head of AML Monitoring and Surveillance Compliance, UBS

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Message broking and screening improves compliance for UBS and lowers total cost of ownership.

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How it works

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Based on Azure, SQL Server, and Power BI, the Temenos Screen solution matches banking transactions against numerous watch lists, including sanctioned and politically exposed persons as designated by OFAC.

The automated screen engine enables banks to by catching sanctioned entities that may have slipped through manual “know your customer” (KYC) checks, while using fewer human resources.

Automated data analysis can also uncover internal misbehavior, such as someone stripping relevant information out of transactions before processing these transactions again.

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