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Risk Compute solution

This solution enables your financial institution to drive infinite high-performance risk analytics on demand. Focus on risk analysis and related regulatory compliance requirements in a flexible, security-enhanced manner, offering an optimal total cost of ownership.

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Solution benefits for Risk Compute

Act on real-time intelligence

Advanced analytics allow you to gain breakthrough insight into risk and operational models for your organization. Act on real-time intelligence to optimize risk management and meet regulatory requirements.

Improve modelling accuracy

Predictive modelling helps you radically improve risk analysis, accuracy, and agility for your financial institution, fueling innovation with more simulations and “what if” analyses.

Drive organizational efficiencies

With compute power in the cloud, you can redeploy teams and drive faster reporting—pushing risk analytics to the edges of your business.

“Even prior to 2008, we were embarking on a solution to be more nimble in terms of how we could deliver risk and add value to the company. Then along came a big shift in regulations..."

Dr. Robert K. Griffiths

Head of HPC, Front Office Solutions, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc, a member of MUFG

The power of the cloud gives Mitsubishi UFJ Securities the agility and infinite scalability it needs to support its risk computations and regulatory compliance at a lower cost.

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How it works

Risk compute solution infographic

The Risk Compute solution enables financial institutions to take advantage of unlimited elastic cloud resources to drive stronger risk management and respond to regulatory compliance demands.

The solution enables you to drive faster, more granular risk analysis, modelling, and simulation—to improve risk insight, manage risk bursting according to market events, reduce infrastructure costs, and respond more quickly to regulatory pressures.

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