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Multichannel Customer Experience Management solution

This solution enables you to optimize the customer experience by transforming your bank's omni-channel strategy. Drive customer retention and customer acquisition with innovative relationship management, redesigned sales experiences, and social marketing.

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Solution benefits for Multichannel Customer Experience Management


Enable clients to seamlessly engage with you

This solution allows you to improve omni-channel strategy with innovative experiences across touchpoints. Empower clients to choose their preferred channel and seamlessly switch between channels without losing context.


Understand clients better by tracking the details of every interaction

When you track all your customer interactions across channels, you build rich relationships and personalized banking experiences—driving customer retention, centralizing customer knowledge, and breaking down data siloes.

Transform rich customer data into actionable insights

Predictive intelligence provides you with a deep understanding of clients. Optimize customer insight to gain a 360-degree view, including buying behaviors, profile, and financial aspirations.

Customize experiences with personal financial guidance, service, and offers

Improving client relationship management involves making it more about the customer. Enhance client engagement with personalized financial guidance, targeted product recommendations, and responsive customer service.

“Technology should be used to engage people and that’s what we do at Metro Bank. It’s all about our colleagues and our customers. It’s all about creating fans. It’s really that simple.”

Craig Donaldson

CEO, Metro Bank

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Metro Bank is leveraging Microsoft technology to give people what they want, and they’re doing it faster, making it easier, and delivering it via the communication channel that’s most convenient to the customer.

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"Our account managers can now bring branch information and services to the client’s location. This has opened up a range of new possibilities."

Miguel Corredoira

Head of Marketing and Customers Unit Banca March

Banca March

A new CRM system was imperative, but it had to happen without the implementation causing any slowdown in business. Microsoft based CRM solutions made this possible.

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How it works

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With the Multichannel Customer Experience Management solution, you can optimize your bank’s omni-channel strategy to intelligently anticipate customer needs.

Integrated design across devices and cloud services ensure your customers can seamlessly switch between touchpoints while customers’ past and future relationship data allow you to personalize service.

Social marketing and listening capabilities help you track share of voice across social channels while monitoring global sentiment, brand presence, and strategic initiatives. And using Microsoft analytics and predictive intelligence, you can combine data through a real-time dashboard, enabling employees to deliver higher-value customer interactions.

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Get in touch with a local MTC near you. Our architects can deliver a customer workshop to address your specific business needs.

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