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Microsoft Services

Turn your dreams into a digital future

Microsoft Services

A man holding a paper document stands beside another man holding an engine part on an engineering floor in front of a large digital display screen.

Imagine the future of your business

Retain top talent with smart data. Redefine your manufacturing floor with 3D modeling. Deliver game-changing customer experiences with machine learning. Reduce business costs with AI. Whatever your business dreams are for the future, Microsoft Services can help you realize them.

Dream of new opportunities

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You must begin thinking in a ‘boundary-less’ way across your internal organizations.

Anand Eswaran, photographed on a textured background, smiles at the camera.

–Anand Eswaran, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Digital, Services, and Success

A woman wearing HoloLens uses Augmented Reality to conduct a diagnostic study on a semi-truck inside of a garage.

How can you meet or exceed evolving customer expectations?

Microsoft Services can help you innovate and deliver industry-leading, personalized customer experiences to today’s customers with solutions like AI, smart assistants, and bots.

Learn about the custom chat bot that Microsoft and Dixons Carphone created and how it helped employees better serve customers.

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Dixons Carphone retail shop interior showcases various display racks featuring headphones and other telecommunication products.

Partner with expert advisors like these

Rochelle Mountany, photographed on a solid background, gazes to the left.

Rochelle Mountany

Rochelle, a digital architect, recently worked with Nedbank in South Africa to reimagine wealth management.

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Mark Butterworth, smiling at the camera, stands in front of a metropolitan city backdrop.

Mark Butterworth

Mark, a digital advisor, partnered with Auckland Transport to help the city to reach its goal of being named “Most Livable City.”

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Adriana Estevez, photographed on a solid beige background, smiles at the camera.

Adriana Estevez

Adriana, a senior director of Industry Services, Global Manufacturing Services, shares how cloud technology and IoT can help businesses reduce maintenance costs.

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Design with innovation in mind

Digital transformations do not start with an organization-wide plan of change, but rather with a series of micro-revolutions. These are small, quick projects that deliver positive business outcomes and accrue to the digital dream.

Anand Eswaran, photographed on a textured background, smiles at the camera.

–Anand Eswaran, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Digital, Services, and Success

Two hands hold a Surface device running Augmented Reality software in front of young person playing with a toy.

How will you revolutionize your business?

Discover how solution storyboarding and revolutionary technology, like mixed reality, can help your business reduce timelines, lower costs, and engage customers sooner.

Discover how Maersk and Microsoft used a custom roadmap to optimize operations using new technology.

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Maersk cargo barge transports shipping containers through open water.

Deliver transformation

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Your data strategy must begin with the end in mind and include a plan with clear outcomes.

Anand Eswaran, photographed on a textured background, smiles at the camera.

–Anand Eswaran, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Digital, Services, and Success

A science worker in a protective jumpsuit operates machinery in a lab.

Tips for a successful digital transformation

Every company today needs to become a digital business to stay successful, but not every company delivering digital transformation will succeed. Find out what you need to know to get it right from the start.

Learn how Microsoft helped Toyota Material Handling design a strategy to establish itself as leader in the European service market with its new remote field service solution.

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A worker on the manufacturing floor drives a forklift through a factory.

Get expert support from Microsoft for your journey

Find quick, efficient problem solving as well as Microsoft training, tools, and resources that help you innovate, compete, and grow.

Meet customers who are changing the game

A medical professional wearing HoloLens uses Augmented Reality to study a rendering of a human knee cap.

Microsoft Services worked beside us day by day, and together we solved every problem we encountered. Through this and other projects over the last few years, Microsoft has become more than a supplier—it’s a partner.

Paolo Guidelli stares into the camera with a smirk.

Paolo Guidelli, General Coordinator at Center for Technological Innovation, INAIL

Why Microsoft Services


With designed experimentation, technology transfer, and new business value creation, Microsoft helps organizations accelerate their journey of transforming digital business, products, services, and experiences.

Scientists wear HoloLens and use Augmented Reality to study an aircraft engine hologram with the help of Microsoft Surface devices.


The global perspectives of Microsoft and our partners, combined with expertise and innovative strategies, help solve complex problems and uncover new, exciting opportunities.

An office worker shares ideas with his team in an office meeting room.

Responsible and ethical

A company-wide ethic of shared accountability helps ensure fairness, transparency, inclusiveness, reliability, privacy, and security.

Three workers stand by a window talking with one another inside of an office.

Digital ecosystem

Microsoft partners with experts in technical, industry, research, and engineering communities to deliver leading digital solutions to businesses.

A team gathers on a balcony inside of a modern office.

Trusted partner

Microsoft strives to be a long-term business partner, invested in every customer’s success.

A team whiteboards ideas together on a transparent glass surface.

Innovation insider

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