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Digital Advisory Services

Woman wears HoloLens to experience Augmented Reality and interacts with a hologram that displays weather patterns and a storm cloud.

Move your business into the future

Create new value for your business with leading technologies and digital strategies. Our digital advisory services can help you map out the road ahead and create momentum with small, quick projects. These micro-revolutions deliver positive business outcomes to help you realize your dreams.

Capture the value of the digital era

According to 84 percent of today’s CEOs, digital disruption is imminent. Almost half think their business model will be obsolete by 2020. Learn more about how having a plan in place to digitally transform can help you succeed.

Start a digital business transformation

Partner with Microsoft to bring your business dreams to life using the powerful technologies and proven strategies that form our expert approach to digital transformation.

A team of three office workers at a conference table collaborate in a digital-first workplace using Surface devices.

Build your Book of Dreams

Dream up new possibilities for your business and co-create a custom plan for change called the Book of Dreams.

Hands type on a Surface device that displays data visualizations on its screen.

Assess the maturity of your business

Measure the digital capabilities of your business using our Digital Maturity Model that will help determine the needs, gaps, and priorities for specific scenarios outlined in your Book of Dreams.

Modern engineer wearing yellow hardhat uses a Surface tablet and Surface Pen on the manufacturing floor.

Envision business solutions

Preview possible future outcomes with realistic technology solutions related to your industry.

Plains Midstream Canada wanted more than new technology from its move to the cloud. Find out how the company achieved strategic business goals like boosting growth and reducing costs with the help of Microsoft.

Plains Midstream Canada company semi-trailer truck parks on the side of a highway road.
Explore digital frontiers
Learn how modernizing your platform can help you exceed customer expectations, identify new possibilities, and lead innovation in your organization.

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