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Digital Solutions

Man sits at desk in modern workplace in front of computer monitor screens.

Design digital solutions for your enterprise

Partner with Microsoft to plot business outcomes and customize your modernization plan. Identify the ideal business and technology team, digital solutions, and develop your unique roadmap for delivering the most value to your business.

Embracing innovation

Microsoft helped the country of Estonia ensure digital continuity across its operations by developing a solution to migrate data to the cloud and reduce paper use. Learn about this and other solutions that are helping countries along their journeys to digital transformation.

Two workers gather in front of a traditional whiteboard and Surface Book to brainstorm.

Which scenarios make sense for your business?

Design the scenarios that build cases for business value. Above-the-line models are the investments that help create new streams of revenue, while below-the-line models help improve profitability and open up new reinvestment opportunities.

Mobile worker uses Surface device.

How do you imagine your business in the future?

How will micro-revolutions add up to a realistic vision that will change your business and better position you for profitability and resiliency?

Real Madrid wanted a way to engage with its fragmented fanbase all around the world. By partnering with Microsoft Services, the team developed a digital sports platform to expand its global reach. Learn how the strategic project framework they designed together led to the ideal solution.

Real Madrid soccer players huddle on the field and give high fives to celebrate a victory.

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