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Deliver Transformation

Woman seated at table uses Surface device in meeting room, other team members are pictured behind her.

Turn your vision for digital transformation into a reality

Nedbank reimagined customer experience with its Branch of the Future but didn’t stop there. Learn how the company stays in the “digital fast lane” as its leaders continuously dream, design, and deliver innovation.

Drive change with automation

Apply technology in new ways to build business agility. Discover how Microsoft uses advanced enterprise applications to help businesses transform without hindering growth.

IT administrator runs a security check and diagnosis inside of a server room.

New cybersecurity solutions can protect your data

Among internet users, 86 percent have taken steps to increase their online privacy. Find out how you can take necessary steps for your business with a new security model that is designed to protect valuable company data.

Science worker wearing protective gloves uses Surface device in a lab.

Empower your teams with a digital-first workplace

Seamless interactions connect employees, processes, and technologies. Learn how you can better equip employees and foster interactions that align everyone on the same mission of transformation.

Digital culture is the reason companies succeed

Understanding how your employees work inside and outside company walls is the first step to fostering a digital culture. Find out how you can promote the cultural change your business needs to succeed in its digital transformation.

Transform your enterprise with change management resources

Assess your company’s ability to handle change with the help of Microsoft Services. Then develop a strategy for your business that promotes successful adoption and ongoing optimization.

Learn how Husky Injection Moldings reduced the implementation risks resulting from people not knowing how newly delivered technology works with the help of Microsoft Adoption Services.

Husky Injection Moldings manufacturing equipment is shown with a digital controller.

Want to understand what’s possible for your business?

The Adoption Scenario Workshop, led by our adoption and change management experts, walks you through the methodology of adoption and explains critical elements needed to succeed. Contact your Microsoft Services account representative to find out more.


workshop attendees reported increased adoption1


workshop attendees reported shortened deployment time1

To discover what’s possible, contact your Microsoft representative

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