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Optimize your operations

Deliver an intelligent platform that enables data-driven business innovation on a trusted, highly secure, and global foundation. Through an aggregate understanding of shopping and market insights, combined with external data, retailers can improve forecasting and optimize their merchandising and supply chains. Microsoft provides end-to-end business processes, supply chain solutions, and inventory management software that optimize cloud scale, industry-leading security, and manageability. These intelligent solutions enable real-time connections across a wide range of innovative devices uniquely suited to every need in the retail operations environment.


Employee productivity and collaboration

Help your store associates and mobile employees sell and engage more effectively, with access to productivity tools and customer and product information from the floor or in the field. With solutions from Microsoft, you can empower your staff to do their best work and spend the maximum amount of time driving revenue.

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Modern Retail & Consumer Goods Workplace solution

Empower your retail store associates and management with the collaboration tools needed to better serve customers and shorten the distance between stores and headquarters.

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Inventory Optimization

Drive a significant increase in sales and revenue for your consumer packaged goods (CPG) or retail organizations by carrying the right products on every shelf across your outlets and stores.

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Inventory Optimization solution

Drive a significant increase in sales and revenue for your consumer packaged goods (CPG) or retail organizations by carrying the right products on every shelf…

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Predictive maintenance

Drive insights to best determine the condition of equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed or when failure is imminent. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance because workers are engaged only when attention is required and unexpected service disruptions are minimized.

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Predictive Maintenance solution

Use data to identify warning signs of potential problems, predict when your equipment needs maintenance, and preemptively service that equipment before problems occur.

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Retail management system

Focus on connecting with customers and empowering employees across all channels. The Microsoft retail management system solution provides customer engagement capabilities for store operations, channel management, order management, and marketing and care, plus back-office capabilities like procurement and financials.

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Ted Baker

Ted Baker underpins international expansion with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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Unified Commerce

Empower your teams with the tools to deliver relevant, connected, measurable brand experiences across all channels resulting in consistent communications and positive interactions that will win new customers and strengthen brand loyalty.

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Customer Experience Management solution

The unified commerce solution prioritizes a seamless and personal shopping experience.

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