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Don’t be a casualty of the retail revolution—get ahead of it with technologies built by our partners that can help transform your business. Don’t be a casualty of the retail revolution—get ahead of…

Retail & Consumer Goods

Retailers and brands are embracing digital transformation to thrive in today’s competitive environment. Microsoft solutions and an intelligent platform enable retailers to combine the best of digital and in-store to deliver personal, seamless, and differentiated customer experiences.


Engage your customers

Put customers first with technology that engages at a personal level. Customers respond best to offers that are personal and relevant, leading to increased promotional effectiveness, higher conversion, and larger basket size. Personalization can be delivered through location-aware mobile devices, targeted email marketing, and personalized online shopping. Microsoft offers solutions to collect and understand customer behaviors and respond with offers and experiences that are personal, engaging, and relevant.

Empower your employees

Engage employees with role-optimized solutions that empower them to provide outstanding service and collaborate with ease. Providing the right information for all job functions helps increase employee engagement and allows retailers to deliver differentiated and personalized customer service. Microsoft offers familiar productivity, collaboration, and social solutions that engage and empower your people.

Optimize your operations

Deliver an intelligent platform that enables data-driven business innovation on a trusted, highly secure, and global foundation. Through an aggregate understanding of shopping and market insights combined with external data, retailers can improve forecasting and optimize their merchandising and supply chains. Microsoft provides end-to-end business processes that optimize cloud scale, industry-leading security, and manageability. These intelligent solutions enable real-time connections across a wide range of innovative devices uniquely suited to every need in the retail environment.

Transform your products

Manage a pipeline of ideas and align them with strategic priorities to bring new and innovative products and services to market rapidly and effectively. To succeed in a competitive environment, retailers and brands must continually deliver new products and services, improve processes, and find new ways to deliver value to customers. Microsoft can help you foster a culture of innovation by making it easier for people to connect, share information, and work together across organizational and geographical boundaries.

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