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Optimize your operations

Increase your agility and operating margins through streamlined processes, enabling staff to work more productively, and by extracting the right insights from the right data to drive better-informed, faster decision making. Process manufacturing requires people, facilities, and processes to interact flawlessly every day. Microsoft provides a platform and productivity tools to enable manufacturing organizations to collect data from a wealth of internal and external sources, contextualize, analyze, and visualize it, as well as collaborate efficiently for optimal and actionable insight.


Fuel retail mobile commerce and modern POS

Grow revenue and maximize profitability while capturing new customers and increasing wallet share of existing customers. Microsoft solutions for retail fuel, mobile commerce, and modern point of sales (POS) help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing superior consumer experiences at the pump and convenience store.

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Kwik Chek

Kwik Chek is pioneering new connected, personalized experiences for its customers, upending expected standards for engagement and loyalty, and in the process, creating exceptional business…

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Big Compute for Simulation & Visualization

Find, extract, and produce oil and gas faster, at lower cost, and with lower risk. Deliver better and faster diagnosis and treatment. Microsoft offers a flexible, performant, and scalable storage and processing platform for large volume, complex structured data. Prebuilt environments provide infinite storage and processing capabilities to index, process, visualize, and interpret geological, geographical, and medical data.

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