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Engage your customers

Transform your company’s marketing, sales, and customer service organizations to manage customer engagement from end to end. Customers are better informed and more demanding, and expect superior experiences at every contact point. Microsoft provides a holistic set of solutions—from social listening, advanced analytics, and multichannel marketing to patient/client engagement—to help optimize brand awareness and sentiment, recruit new customers, provide new digital services and revenue streams, and increase marketing effectiveness.


Fuel retail mobile commerce and modern POS

Grow revenue and maximize profitability while capturing new customers and increasing wallet-share of existing customers. Microsoft solutions for retail fuel, mobile commerce, and modern point of sales (POS) help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing superior consumer experiences at the pump and convenience store.

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Kwik Chek

Kwik Chek is pioneering new connected, personalized experiences for its customers, upending expected standards for engagement and loyalty, and in the process, creating exceptional business…

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March 13, 2017 – March 15, 2017

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