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Drilling for new business value: how innovative oil and gas companies are using big data to outmaneuver the competition

By Microsoft on October 18, 2015

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Man using a tablet in a server room

By using big data to gain new insights, oil and gas companies can create enhanced business value that improves the bottom line and leads to true competitive advantage. The oil and gas industry is experiencing rapid market, competitive, and regulatory change. Faced with the unending search for natural resources and the fluctuating global demand marked by pricing volatility, firms need every bit of insight they can produce. The need to address health, safety, and environmental risks adds even more urgency. Yet sorting through exponentially growing volumes of data inputs for actionable business intelligence becomes increasingly challenging.

With tools and expertise from Microsoft, oil and gas companies can now prepare to unlock the value of big data. The Microsoft Upstream Revenue Architecture framework provides a bridge between the needs of the oil and gas industry and the Microsoft technology that supports IT. And with the familiar Microsoft Office interface, these tools enable companies to more effectively gather, analyze, share, and disseminate data and related insights via self-service business intelligence. Data scientists, drilling engineers, and others who are part of the data value chain in an oil and gas company can benefit from collaborating with one another across departments and geographies. Social networks can be used to discuss, interpret, and understand trends and patterns that emerge from data generated throughout the value chain.

To learn more about how Microsoft can guide the oil and gas industry in deploying new technologies and services that will deliver the full business value of big data, download the white paper below.

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