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Manage a pipeline of ideas and align them with strategic priorities to bring new and innovative products and services to market rapidly and effectively. To succeed in a competitive environment, hospitality and travel organizations must continually deliver new products and services, improve processes, and find new ways to deliver value to customers.


Integrated electronic flight bag

Employ a single device for planning, filing, and flying. With modern electronic flight bag (EFB) applications on a tablet, you can reduce the weight required for paper flight books onboard and provide collaboration and corporate communications over a highly secure connection, whether swapping shifts with other pilots, consuming training, or checking and responding to email.

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Austrian Airlines

Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines choose Surface Pro 3 to equip pilots.

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Multichannel content management

Use a mix of digital channels and methods to proactively listen, learn, and engage in order to influence purchase behavior and grow customer satisfaction. Microsoft and partner solutions help companies maximize consumer listening, learning, messaging, and interaction wherever they are—and get smarter based on continual learnings to anticipate and meet needs.

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Olympic Air

Iconic Greek airline gets closer to its customers, doubling interaction volumes with Sitecore CMS Azure Edition.

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