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Empower your employees

Engage employees with role-optimized solutions that empower them to provide outstanding service and to collaborate with ease. Providing the right information for all job functions helps increase employee engagement and allows retailers to deliver differentiated and personalized customer service. Microsoft offers familiar productivity, collaboration, and social solutions that engage and empower your people.


Employee productivity and collaboration

Empower your management and mobile employees with anywhere access to operational information around products, customer insights, critical training information, and schedules. With employee engagement solutions from Microsoft, you can empower your staff to do their best work and spend the maximum amount of time driving revenue, improving customer service, and remaining compliant with corporate policies and procedures.

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Building business agility one employee at a time with Office 365.

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Integrated electronic flight bag

Employ a single device for planning, filing, and flying. With modern electronic flight bag (EFB) applications on a tablet, you can reduce the weight required for paper flight books onboard and provide collaboration and corporate communications over a highly secure connection, whether swapping shifts with other pilots, consuming training, or checking and responding to email.

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FAA approves ExpressJet’s electronic flight bag on Windows 10

Pilots drop 50lbs of paper and go digital with Windows 10 & Surface.

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