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Engage your patients

Enable more efficient access to care, reduce delays in the care experience, and maintain contact with patients outside the care setting to improve population health and patient engagement.


Mobile Care Worker

Mobile Care Worker Improve population health outcomes in your hospital, mobile clinic, or healthcare organization by securely connecting care workers and clinicians to the information and the people they need, wherever they are.

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CHAMP app saves babies lives

Doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital are using the cloud to help infants survive a dangerous congenital heart condition called HLHS.

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Patient Engagement

Microsoft platforms and technologies enable new ways of connecting with patients and improving population health management—before, during and after their interaction with caregivers.

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Odense Universitetshospital uses Microsoft to increase patient engagement and empower careworkers

Odense Universitetshospital uses Microsoft to increase patient engagement and empower careworkers.

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Care Coordination

Leverage an integrated platform to effectively communicate with patients, manage and connect caregivers, and improve quality and reduce costs through workflow automation and optimization.

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Silver Chain boosts healthcare services with Dynamics 365

Silver Chain, one of Australia's largest providers of healthcare services, implemented Dynamics 365 Field Services for its nursing staff to deliver essential care to patients.

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Virtual Health

Virtual Health leverages Office 365 and Skype for Business to enable clinical care through telemedicine, telehealth, and collaboration at-a-distance. Connect clinicians, patients, and care teams to coordinate care and provide population health management services.

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Improve collaborative care with Office 365 for health

Meet compliance regulations, reduce costs, and improve collaborative care for your hospital, clinic, or healthcare organization.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring combined with the promise of genomics can drastically transform the services your health organization provides to patients. Market research indicates there will be fast adoption of new technologies like the Azure IOT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite.

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Enhancing patient care and medical training with IoT

Siloah St. Trudpert Klinikum, a leading hospital in Germany, implemented a digital operating room from medical-instrument maker Richard Wolf based on Microsoft Internet of Things…

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Upcoming Events

Developing a clear strategy framework for cloud compliance

In this webinar, Microsoft Health and Montrium will come together and take you through the crucial steps that are required when developing a clear strategy…


December 06 – December 06

Getting to Approval Faster Through Technology Innovation

In this webinar, join Microsoft and Paraxel in a round table discussion focusing on regulatory affairs, process optimization, Artificial Intelligence and common data platforms.


December 14 – December 14

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