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Trusted technology

Trusted telemedicine solutions powered by the Microsoft Cloud ensure data is managed, protected, private, and compliant while expanding access to care and lowering costs.



Our long experience in health data management has involved extensive investment in enabling telemed, reducing barriers to access, and building healthcare cybersecurity and privacy into our solutions.

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It’s time for a security intervention in healthcare

At Microsoft we recognize that it isn’t easy to balance the security and integrity of healthcare data with the need for clinicians, administrators, patients and…

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Our compliance is independently audited, and we’re transparent on many levels—from how we handle legal demands for your customer data to the security of our code.

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Healthcare compliance, security, and trusted health technology

Healthcare compliance and security offerings from Microsoft and our partners help protect your ICT infrastructure.

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Deployment and delivery

Help simplify the deployment and delivery of security features aligned to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients so they can quickly and easily access security-enhanced telemed, healthcare apps, and informatics.

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Protecting your healthcare organization end to end

Given the world today, it’s vital to take a comprehensive approach to security.

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Join other hospital and healthcare executives to discuss the critical challenges facing the hospital industry.

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