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Microsoft Envision drives government tech agendas for public sector leaders

By Microsoft in Government on March 11, 2016

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Microsoft envision government

Every industry needs to be on top of technological advances and have forward-thinking leaders, but this is especially true for government and government-related industries. At Microsoft Envision you will hear insights from prominent business leaders, explore challenges specific to government, and connect with peers in similar roles.

Microsoft Envision, debuting April 4-6 in New Orleans, is the newest addition to Microsoft’s portfolio of “big four” annual conferences (Microsoft Ignite for technologists, Microsoft Build for developers, and the Worldwide Partner Conference). Designed from the ground up for line-of-business leaders, Microsoft Envision is the place to gain crucial insights, discover new solutions, and build connections with peers and experts. The government track at Microsoft Envision gives public sector leaders the opportunity to go deep on these key themes –

  • Government in the cloud
  • Business intelligence
  • Maintaining citizen trust
  • Institutional agility
  • Resilient government

Hear from the most forward-thinking minds in business and technology, and explore strategies that can help your organization achieve more. Microsoft Envision has a list of featured speakers full of influencers and innovators from around the world, set to deliver powerful content in over 200 sessions. Take note of the following:

Government: State of the Industry

Beth Noveck, Co-Founder and Director of The GovLab, and other industry visionaries delve into the use of analytics to manage everything from disaster preparedness to infrastructure planning, and the promises, threats, and capabilities coming to government operations.

Transforming the citizen experience

Chris Sims, Deputy Director of the CARES Program, and Norman Spurr, Executive Manager of Applications at CSIRO, explore how governments are embracing modern technology to engage citizens and improve service.

The connected government

Toni Townes-Whitley, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, discusses how governments today are improving the lives of citizens through better connections in smart buildings, transportation, and services.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join this first-ever business thought leadership event from Microsoft. Come connect with key industry thinkers from business, government, academia, and consulting, and most importantly, peers who really get it—and learn from their perspectives. Register today and follow us on social media (TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn) to stay up to date on new sessions and speakers being added daily.

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