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Health & Human Services

Connect people to services more efficiently and effectively to improve care delivery, especially to those in need. Learn how organizations can meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs, and improve care by unlocking data and improving collaboration. Visit Microsoft in Health to learn more >


Improve outcomes for families and children

Bridge the traditional divisions between agencies, departments, and programs to support a more holistic, collaborative approach to the delivery of care and benefits.

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Modernizing child welfare technology the agile way

Microsoft offers advanced technology and a flexible approach to help transform child welfare IT systems.

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Enable more informed decision-making

Deliver integrated eligibility information across social service agencies, streamline processes, accelerate enrollment, and improve reporting.

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Improve access to health services with a “No Wrong Door” approach

The idea being that no matter where people enter the system, they can easily gain access to medical services. This is part of the intention…

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Share case records on a centralized platform

Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide a centralized, automated platform for sharing case records across organizations. You can configure the solution to address your agency's investigative, regulatory, security, legal, and healthcare-related needs and to extend the value of existing systems. At the same time, improved access to information about clients receiving services from multiple organizations can help you identify and monitor at-risk situations and improve client outcomes.

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Empowering the Business of Government - Case Management Solutions

This e-book shares practical advice on how to communicate more efficiently and effectively with the community by using the right tools for greater insight.

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