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How to buy Microsoft products for federal government

Finding a partner

Licensing partners

Licensing partners

Licensing partners are ready to assist. Select a partner to guide you through the appropriate procurement process.

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Solution partners

Solution partners

Solution partners are ready to deliver specialized experiences. Building on the Microsoft platform, they are ready to discuss tailoring your solution needs.

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Specialized partners for Microsoft products

Government solutions

Take advantage of Office 365 for Government, Azure for Government, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for your government organization.

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The Path to Purchase

Buying Microsoft products for a government agency usually involves going through a third-party organization that partners with Microsoft. These partners understand the Microsoft licensing options for government, and they can advise you on the most appropriate procurement process and help you get started.


Why work with a partner?

Why work with a partner?

Working with a Microsoft partner offers a number of benefits that can help you get up and running quickly—and stay that way. By working with a partner that has the product experience to fit your needs, you may experience professional deployment and setup assistance to make your solutions come alive, as well as local training and on-site support.



Microsoft partners offer a unique perspective on working in government, and they can help you choose the solution that best fit your specific needs.

Licensing partners, also called licensing solution provider (LSPs), are advisors in how to procure and manage Microsoft licensing. They understand the government marketplace, and they have a history of your purchases so they can work with what you have as a starting point for success. Talk with the person in your department who manages procurement to find out which license partner may be working with your agency.


Office 365

Provide users with familiar Office applications that are optimized for their devices, so they can do their best work wherever they are.

Get hands-on experience with a free trial of Office 365 before making any investments, and give your teams the tools to get more done! The free 30-day trial enables you to explore the productivity platform designed for government agencies that want the flexibility to move to the cloud. Try Office 365 now ›


Azure Government

Microsoft Azure Government is the mission-critical cloud for US government agencies and their partners, delivering breakthrough innovation and security.

Request a 90-day complimentary trial and get $500 per month to spend on premium Azure Government features and services such as hyperscale compute, storage, networking, and identity management. Try Azure now ›


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Efficiency, tracking, analysis: Microsoft Dynamics 365 has far-reaching benefits for government organizations. Find examples and resources about how Microsoft solution partners can help you use this tool to meet government-specific challenges.

Get hands-on experience with a free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and see how the built-in workflow can enable process-based government functions. Once you receive your trial, you’ll receive a set of templates to download and get started. Try Dynamics 365 now ›

Find a partner

Microsoft partners pave the way for procurement and can empower government agencies to achieve their technology goals. Select a partner with the solution expertise you need today!