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Transform your products

Innovate quickly to successfully compete in changing markets. To respond in today’s fast-changing manufacturing industry, you need more than just productivity tools. Microsoft helps you create a culture of innovation with solutions that connect people and information in a way that’s intuitive and natural.


Connected product innovation

Use your investments in smart connected products to improve the efficacy of new products and services, combining product telemetry with customer insights. The connected product innovation solution from Microsoft compares product design from PLM with customer usage insight garnered from IoT and CRM to support engineering and design changes, and to seed new product ideas.

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Xerox looks to Yammer to save time and spur innovation for competitive advantage.

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Big compute for engineering analysis and simulation

Increase the frequency and speed of engineering simulations, analyses, and visualization to optimize product designs for performance, safety, and manufacturing using hyper-scalability in the cloud. High-performance computing clusters can be quickly and efficiently provisioned in the cloud to cost-effectively replace or increase capacity as either the primary resource or as an on-demand, burst capability.

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Hendrick Motorsports

Microsoft joins Hendrick Motorsports as a technical partner.

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Connected car

Make amazing things possible with IoT, like connected cars, new mobility services, and autonomous driving vehicles. Microsoft is at the center of the transformation of the automotive industry as a trusted technology partner that can provide the global scale and security needed to create an innovative platform for connected cars and other mobility services.

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The future of automotive: Scenarios driving the digital transformation of an industry

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Connected consumer devices

Deliver context-specific rich consumer experiences and services. The Microsoft connected consumer devices solution enables product manufacturers to deliver transformative customer experiences, taking advantage of advanced technology innovations around IoT, big data, social, cloud, mobility, and natural user interfaces.

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Samsung Smart Camera

Samsung is leveraging the latest developments in smart cameras to enhance the way it delivers its firmware updates.

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Connected operations

Empower your employees to engage with your customers 1:1 so you can transform your products, optimize your operations, and find new sources of revenue.

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The digital intelligent and predictive factory

At two manufacturing plants, one in Mexico, the other in Malaysia, history is being made, in addition to a range of products

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